A Darkling Beetle - Lagria hirta

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Classification Order: Coleoptera– Darkling Beetles Family: Tenebrionidae

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Length . 7-9mm.

Phenology May to August.

Identification This beetle has conspicuous yellow-brown wing cases with a darker head. It is oval in shape. This beetle is noticably bristly. Elytra light brown and closely punctured, appearing golden due to dense long yellow pubescence. Appendages black, pubescent throughout. At first glance it resembles and could be mistaken for a Cantharid - Soldier beetle

Life Cycle Adults feed on nectar and pollen on open-structured flowers such as Daisies or members of the Carrot family. The larvae eat decaying plant material in leaf litter and turf.

Habitat Common species of sandy places favouring southern Britain, more localised in the north, where most records seem to be from coastal areas, possibly reflecting its preference for sandy soils.Specimens below NW (VC63) on sandy river banks

Lagria hirta 10041


Lagria hirta 10036