Malachius bipustulatus - Common Malachite Beetle

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Classification Order: Coleoptera Family: Melyridae -Soft-Wing Flower Beetles

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Length . 5.5 - 6 mm

Phenology April to July/August.

Identification Easily recognised by the twin red spots on its metallic green elytr

Life CycleLater in its season, it is also found on trees where it lays its eggs in cracks in the bark. Larvae are predacious on smaller insects living under the loose bark of trees.

Habitat Adults are predator amongst vegetation, where it hunts on flowers and amongst grasses

Malachius bipustulatas 7219


Malachius  bipustulatas 7204


Malachius  bipustulatas 7208



Malachius  bipustulatas 7203