Sitona lineatus Pea leaf Weevil

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Length 3.4-5.3mm

Phenology Throughout the year.

Identificaton CAUTION detailed keying and examination needed to be absoluteA brown weevil has indistinct darker longitudinal stripes. Dull metallic although fresh specimens can be faintly purple irredescent Unlike other weevils, it has a very short, almost squared off rostrum or snout. Eyes round and moderately convex. Vertex convex behind eyes. Central longitudinal furrow broad and deep, extending back to at least hind margin of eyes

Life Cycle / Behaviour peas and beans in Horticultural settings but only in a very minor way and causes very little damage to the crop. As an adult, this small creature feeds on the leaves of many leguminous species including Red and White Clover although for some reason it avoids Lupins. The larvae feed on the roots of the same species under the soil.


Diverse habitat, in winter retreating into grass tussocks, under loose bark or amongst fallen leaves.