Green Nettle Weevil Phyllobius oblongus

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Length .3.7-5.9mm

Phenology Adults occur during spring and early summer.


An atypical member of the Genus Phyllobius; lacking metallic scales, variable coloured parallel sided that could at first glance be mustaken for Lagri hirta . Typical colour is light brown elytra and appendages with head, pronotum and underside black, sometimes the elytral lateral margins are black Front tibia in male with a strong hook inside at apex, this is much less developed in the female, eyes strongly convex.Claws fused at base.

Life Cycle


Typical habitat is woodland, copses, wooded parkland and hedgerows where the species is polyphagous on a range of trees including Crataegus (Hawthorn), Malus (Apple etc), Salix (Willows) and Ulmus (Elm);

Phyllobius oblongus 17330


Phyllobius oblongus 17329


Phyllobius oblongus 17328


Phyllobius oblongus 17326