Otiorhynchus singularis Clay-coloured Weevil

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Length 10 mm

Phenology Adults ound from spring to late summer.

Identificaton A clay brown weevil about 8 mm long.Upperside covered with various shades of
brownish scales, giving a variegatedappearance, and also with setae

Life Cycle Adults emerge early spring.acending plants nocturnally feeding on developing buds and flower shoots. They shelter in the soil and debris at the base of the plant. Eggs are laid in the soil and soon hatch. Larvae feed on the roots, often at a depth of about 50 cm. When mature, they pupate in earthen cells and emerge as adults.

Habitat These species feed on shrubs such as Rhododendrons and Raspberry and can be a pest of Raspberry growers.

Clay Coloured Weevil 29189


Clay Coloured Weevil 29171


Clay Coloured Weevil 29164



Clay Coloured Weevil 29161


Clay Coloured Weevil 29186