Hadroplontus litura Weevil
(Fabricius, 1775)

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Length 3 mm

Phenology Peak time is probably around July and August.

Identificaton A very small weevil needing detailed keying and examination needed to be absolute Previously known as Ceutorhynchus litura
The adult weevils are 3-4mm long with a prominent long rostrum (nose). Their oval bodies are completely covered with whitish hairs. Their upper back is dark grey to black and marked with a distinct white 'T' or cross-like formation.

Life Cycle / Behaviour The larvae mine the rosettes of Creeping Thistle, later feeding in the stems.Peak time is probably around July and August. LINK MINES

Habitat Grassy areas where the foodplant Creeping Thistle grows.

In Canada it has been used as a Biological Control agent Studies have shown H. litura capable of infesting 80% of a Canada thistle site in 10 years and can disperse 9km in 10 years.

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