Kidney-spot Ladybird Chilocorus renipustulatus

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Size 4 - 5 mm

Phenology April to October.


A large (7-9mm long) distinctive shiny black ladybird Strongly domedwith an expanded flange around the edge of the elytra and pronotum. 2 red spots on the elytra are often kidney-shaped. it has characteristic black and white markings on the pronotum , usually with pale rings around dark spots on the reddish elytra. Associated with conifers but also found on other trees where it feeds on aphids. where Scots Pine is the preferred tree species.

DietFeeds on aphids on trees, especially willows. Widespread and common nationally, most often in wet places.

IMAGES 17097 (C) COLIN DUKE 2008
IMAGES 17098 (C) COLIN DUKE 2008
IMAGES 17099 (C) COLIN DUKE 2008
IMAGES 17100 (C) COLIN DUKE 2008