Phratora sp Willow leaf Beetle

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Classification Order: Coleoptera– Leaf Beetles Family: Chrysomelidae

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AKA Phratora (=Phyllodecta)

Length 3 .5 - 5 mm ,

Phenology Found mainly in the summer months.


There is a key for differentiating the 4 species of Phratora found in the UK

Foodplants can be a useful aid to refining ID There are 4 Uk species ; P. laticollis is a poplar feeder (very rarely on willows), P. vulgatissima is found primarily on willows and P. vitellinae on both P. polaris was only added to the British list comparitively recently (1970?) and is restricted to mountains in N nd W of Scotland.

Life Cycle Both adults and larvae feed on the leaves of Willow and in some areas can be pest


Based on the Food Plant , latitude and limitted shots of the frons the species illustrated below is likely P.vitellinae (bronzy sheen) or P.vulgatissima ( blue Sheen ) but can not be absolute without further exam

Phratora 9662


Phratora 9660


Phratora frons  9658


Phratora frons 9662xx


Phratora 9656