Hawthorn Leaf Beetle - Lochmaea crataegi (Forster, 1771).

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Classification Order: Coleoptera– Leaf Beetles Family: Chrysomelidae

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Length . 4–5 mm,

Phenology April to August.

IdentificationThis leaf beetle has characteristic black markings on a red background.

.Reddish brown throughout but elytra with longitudinal black marks varying in size and intensity. Antennae darkened apically, insertions very close, shorter in male with joints less elongate. Head, thorax and elytra densely and confusedly punctured throughout, head more finely so. Pronotum characteristic with sharp hind angles, strongly sinuate hind margin and lateral margin angled at middle. Elytra glabrous, strongly bordered. Legs finely and densely pubescent, tibiae especially so. Male with joint 1 of all tarsi enlarged, as broad as 3. Female elytra less elongate than male and dilated behin


Life Cycle

Habitat It is seen along hedgerows and woodland where it feeds on Hawthorn leaves.Adults are found on Hawthorn (Crataegus) blossom,

 Lochmania crategus 6592

 Lochmania crategus 6588

 Lochmania crategus 6575

 Lochmania crategus 6511

  Lochmaea_crataegi 6504

  Lochmaea_crataegi 6474

  Lochmaea_crataegi 6498