Iris Leaf Beetle - Aphthona nonstriata (Goeze, 1777)

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Classification Order: Coleoptera– Leaf Beetles Family: Chrysomelidae

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Length . 2.6-2.8mm ,

Phenology May and June.


One of The largest British Aphthona. Basic colour: Bright metallic blue, sometimes dark green or dark brassy/bronze, rarely almost black.Underside dark brown. Antennae dark brown except for segments 2-3 (sometimes 1-4) which are yellowish. Frontal ridge of the head (running vertically between the antennal bases) wide and flat.

Leg colour: Mostly as basic colour, hing femora red-brown to dark brown, sometimes darker apically.

Food: Adults eat long narrow strips from iris leaves, larvae are iris leaf miners.

Life Cycle Overwintering: Adults hibernate in tussocks and moss.

Habitat Yellow iris (Iris pseudacorus) at or near water

Iris Flea Beetle 7950


Iris Flea Beetle 7944


Iris Flea Beetle 7935


Iris Flea Beetle 7951