Hydrothassa marginella - Leaf Beetle

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Classification Order: Coleoptera– Leaf Beetles Family: Chrysomelidae

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Length . 3.4- 4.5mm


Identification Distinctive beetle, mainly black but with orange margins on the elytra and pronotum. Pronotum with yellowish lateral margins.

Similar Species Possibe Confusson Species Hydrothassa hannoveriana , Hydrothassa glabraSimilar to H. glabra and H. hannoveriana. Separated from H. glabra by the orange-yellow lateral margins to the pronotum (not present in H. glabra). Separated from H. hannoveriana by the lack of a median elytral stripe (usually present in H. hannoveriana); in specimens of H. hannoveriana where this is absent, exam is needed

Life Cycle Host plant for larval food is the buttercup

Habitat Meadows and verges where flowers of the Buttercup family are found.

Hydrothassa marginella 28533


Hydrothassa marginella 28534