Galerucella sp

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Classification Order: Coleoptera– Leaf Beetles Family: Chrysomelidae

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Length .Can reach a length of 5–6millimetres

Phenology June.


Very difficult genus though only comprising six species. Genus Galerucella (Hubble pp. 68 – 69) can be misleading

Galerucella nymphaeae
Galerucella sagittariae
Galerucella lineola **
Galerucella tenella

Galerucella lineola . The body is almost cylindrical. The basic color is brownish-yellow with a darker spot on the pronotum and on the elytra. The antennae are black. It has a black underside. The legs are slightly lighter. The larvae are gray-white to brownish and resemble small caterpillars.

Life Cycle .

Habitat Food plants include Salix alba (White Willow), Salix viminalis, Salix caprea, Salix pentandra, Salix cinerea, Salix myrsinifolia, Salix fragilis, Populus nigra (Salicaceae), Corylus avellana (Corylaceae), Alnus glutinosa, Betula pendula, Alnus incana (Betulaceae).These beetles are considered a pest and can in some years do great damage to the foliage gnawing holes in the leaves.



Galerucella 9071


Galerucella 9070


Galerucella 9068


Galerucella 9072


Galerucella 9069