Green Dock Leaf Beetle - Gastrophysa viridula , Degeer, (1775)

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Classification Order: Coleoptera– Leaf Beetles Family: Chrysomelidae

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Length . 4 to 6 mm

Phenology May and June.

Identification A small green-golden beetle the elytra often seem to have a sheen.On leaves of dock (Rumex) - abdomen of female (below)) swollen with eggs Family Chrysomelidae/ Subfamily - Galerucinae - Skeletonizing leaf Beetles

Life Cycle

The Green Dock Beetle is common on Curly Dock, Rumex crispis and related plants like the garden plant, Rhubarb, in spring. Members of the subfamily are called skeletonizing leaf beetles because the eat all but the main veins of the leaves. The elongated bright orange eggs are glued in place on the undersides of the leaves usually along the veins. In a few days the black larvae will appear, feeding and growing rapidly, often stripping all the foliage from the plants. When mature, the larvae crawl to the ground and pupate in the leaf litter. The dock beetles usually will be gone by summer, but there will be additional broods if food supplies persist. Note: Generic name was revised from Gastroidea to Gastrophysa.

Habitat Found on Dock plants, it can be seen anywhere that Dock is present, such as roadside verges and field margins. It is often seen near to water.

Below : The following dock leaves has yellow eggs underneath the well eaten Dock leaves , there where also red mine like blotches shown blow in addition to the presence of the green beetle , many of which appeared to be gravid , with the female appearing bulbous and displacing the wing case.

Found vegetated woodland ground layer Calderdale , West Yorkshire 29th April 2007