Longhorn - Grammoptera ruficoris

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Classification Order: Coleoptera– Long Horns Family: Cerambycidae

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Length .3 - 7 mm A notably small Longhorn


Early summer.


This species is brownish or dark grey in colour and has silky hairs on the wing cases electrya , giving it a sheen. The antennae are long banded red/black in appearance with the 2nd segment is elongate - a key diiferentiator distinguishing it from two other British Grammoptera species All three have bulbous femora


Both are rarer

G. abdominalis is larger and lacks the elongate 2nd antennal segment it also has uniformly dark antennae.

G. ustulata is similar to abdominalis but appears more golden due to the pale hairs on its elytra

Life Cycle

The life cycle of this beetle involves boring into stems of thistle and other plant stems of thistles and other herbaceous plants.


Moist meadows and hedgerows.Eg Damp riverine or ditch courses where Adults feed on umbellifers such as Hogweed and Cow Parsley as well as nettles.


Grammoptera ruficoris 30358


Grammoptera ruficoris 30348