Rhagonycha lignosa - Soldier beetle

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Classification Coleoptera Family: Cantharidae

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Length 6 or 7 mm

Phenology May to late July.

IdentificationA small, thin beetle with dark forebody and scutellum, Elytra - pale golden; strongly granulate and legs.pale gold coloured


Rhagonycha. limbata. A Black head, all black pronotum and scutellum eliminates the similar R. limbata. All pale legs.

Life Cycle

Habitat Mainly in tree areas - arboreal, but likely to be found in woodland borders, parkland and wasteland, also be found on umbelliferous flowers such as Hogweed in warmer weather.


Rhagonycha lignosa 17388

Rhagonycha lignosa 17392


Rhagonycha lignosa 17913