Cantharis nigra - Soldier beetle

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Classification Coleoptera Family: Cantharidae

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Length 5.5 - 7.5mm

Phenology Mid May until early August,

Identification This Soldier Beetlle has black elytra (wing covers) which is shiny with a fine layer of hairs . Pronotum can be all black or may have varying amounts of red. appearis impunctate Front margin evenly rounded coveris base of head. . Head black, with yellow in front of eyes.

Legs orange, tibiae sometimes darker, tarsi dark or with basal segment orange. Third segment of mid and hind tarsi bilobed with ananterior claw on each leg toothed at base.

Life Cycle

Habitat Damp grassland and Hay meadows shaded waterside vegetation, close to water or marshy ground.

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Cantharis Nigra 29620

Cantharis Nigra 29621

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