Cantharis decipiens - Soldier beetle

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Classification Coleoptera Family: Cantharidae

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Length 7.5-8.5mm

Phenology April through To May toearly August

Identification Small size and distinct marked pronotum with with testaceous elytra Pronotal disc characteristically darkened from front to hind margins.Legs - hind femur and tibia variably darkened but femur always pale at apex. 3rd tarsal segment bilobed, anterior of each pair of claws appendiculate.

Similar Species

Rhagonycha limbata has similar colouring , however the black mark on the pronotum has an angled and not rounded base.

Rhagonycha testacea similar but black mark on the pronotum reaches the front edge - in the other cantrharids it stops short leaving a narrow yellow pronotal margin.

Life Cycle

Habitat Near to a variety of Trees and shrubs, with a notable preference for Hawthorn Flowers

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