Oak Leaf Roller Attelabus nitrens

(Scopoli, 1763).

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Classification Super Family : CurculionoideaFamily: Attelabidae

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Length .Males about 5mm in length, Females are larger, at around 7-8mm.


May - June


The Oak Leaf Roller (Attelabus nitrens) is a species of Snout Beetle (Curculionidae) so named from its habit of making leafy containers for its brood. Despite its name, the Oak Leaf Roller also lives on other trees as well as oaks.

Life Cycle

A single egg is laid near the edge of a leaf, the leaf is cut and rolled up to protect the developing egg.


Mixed tree areas not only Oak

18344 IMAGE (C) 2008 COLIN DUKE
18341 IMAGE (C) 2008 COLIN DUKE
18342 IMAGE (C) 2008 COLIN DUKE
18345 IMAGE (C) 2008 COLIN DUKE