Large Black Slug Arion ater

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Length: 20cm Extenede ( Usually 15 -20 cm)

Colour & Description :

Ranges from Jet Black through Chestnut to Bright Orange to Pale grey or creamy white . Brown and Cream Forms alays have ann orange fringe to the sole. Body is uniform in colour but seen in two forms: orange-red form is commonest in S and in gardens while black form prevails in N and upland areas. There is no keel on the back but the body is covered with elongated tubercules .When disturbed the slug contracts to a hemisphere and often sways from side to side . Its mucous is extremely sticky.Mucus colourless

Food & Habit

An ominvorous species eating carion and dung as well as vegetable matter.. It prefers roting vegetables to living plants and rarely does much harm in the garden. Largely nocturnal but large numbers gather on roadside verges to feed on freshly mown grass on damp or rainy days.The cluster of round pearly eggs laid are about 5 mm dia are dug up in the garden or compost heap

Habitat and Distribution

Widespread and common throughout Britain and Ireland in any well vegetated habita . Occurs in almost all terrestrial habitats. .



 By Prashanthns (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons