Royds Hall Dam

The Royds Hall Dam is the remnant of one of two holding basins for what was theOld Low Moor Iron Works. The dam is currently stocked by Bradford Number 1 Anglers and contain fish such as Roach Crucian Carp and Bream. Water fowl have increasingly use this site and include Coote, Mallard Heron ,Grebe



The picture below shows a view of the old Low Moor Iron Works close to the gates from Royds Hall the dam would have been located just in front of the woods on the left of the picture



More About The Dam


The Dam has substantially decreased in size when th building of new houses occurred at North Side of the dam ecologically this is the wort place to have built on since it is the shallower side of the resevoir the north side of the resevoir below Delp Hill fall od quite quicky and results in fewer water plants rooitin and providing habit. The loss of nets frogs and other amphibians will have been noticeable from this site which was distinguishably marshy . The extensive fish stocking has also given rise to many birds and other visitors which contribute to oveall biodiversity in the area . We are deply concerned regarding Bradford Councils C;arity on its future


Perch -Returned To the Water

Geese Grazing